Ethan Page On What Caused Him To Get In The Best Shape Of His Career

Ethan Page was recently a guest on WINCLY. During the interview, he discussed several topics, including how a joke made by Don Callis caused him to get in the best shape of his career. Here are the highlights:

On His Relationship With IMPACT’s Creative Team:

It’s getting better and better every taping because I think they’re getting more comfortable with me and understanding my skill set and where I would thrive. I think that was a big change in these past tapings again, is getting that mic live in front of a crowd and having a segment with Rob Van Dam. Getting to show a little bit more of my character instead of just wrestling in matches that, in my opinion, were good but were essentially just wrestling for wrestling.

On Don Callis Inspiring Him To Get In Better Shape:

Don Callis made a joke this weekend saying, ‘Get in shape or get a singlet.’ They assumed that even though I’d get in shape, that I’d be getting a singlet [laughs]. So, when you gave me the ultimatum, I was like, it’s now or never man. I need to fix this.

On Gaining Confidence:

It’s giving me a confidence that I can’t really explain to you. It’s translated to my wrestling, to my promos, to meet-and-greets, to autograph signings and appearances. It’s made my life completely better. It’s made traveling better. It’s made sleeping better. It’s definitely improved my personal life too so it was something that needed to happen. But I’m very happy it did.

On The Transition To Wrestling On TV:

I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been challenging in a sense of figuring out different ways to work within the guidelines of a TV show with times and stuff like that. Within the last year, I’ve gotten really comfortable with that. These past tapings in Toronto I’ve been given great opportunities to hold the mic live in front of an audience which is a thing that I’ve wanted to do since signing with Impact. I’ve had my goals set out and now they’re slowly coming into fruition. I’ve enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.

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