Ethan Page Talks IMPACT, Winning The Tag Titles, Getting Booed In Canada, Who He Looked Up To and more

IMPACT star “All Ego” Ethan Page was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vilet where the tag champion (The North) discusses his current run with the promotion, and why he thinks it’s the best it’s ever been. He also talks about looking up to Abyss during IMPACT’s early days, and the biggest changes he’s seen in wrestling since he started working the scene. Highlights are below.

Winning the IMPACT tag team championship

To me, it means something different than everybody else I think. I guess in a short form, TNA was my WCW because of my age, if that makes sense. That was my alternative which got me into the Ring of Honors and stuff like that, which got me into  becoming a wrestler. So TNA meant a lot to me as a fan, so I am a TNA tag champ right now, at least in my mind.

Looking up to Abyss:

I started watching just after they finished their weekly PPVs and went to their big 3-hour PPVs. So the Jeff Hardys, the Christian Cages, and then obviously when Kurt Angle came but Abyss was always one of my favorites. As an original character, I always wanted to see him go on and wrestle guys like Kane and The Undertaker. He was always having crazy matches and they were doing things that WWE at the time wasn’t doing like with the thumbtacks and barbed wire and stuff like that. They would go a step further. I don’t know, maybe I had that blood lust but I was a huge fan of Abyss.

Getting booed in his home country of Canada:

The thing that blew us away, we went to film television in Windsor and we had won the tag titles so we go and everyone’s like ‘You guys are going to go out there and they are going to embrace you like the Canadians are bringing the gold home’ and I just turn and go ‘No, they’re not, they’re going to hate us.’ and they were like ‘No, they won’t.’ We go out, we put our hands in the air, they start booing us, and to me it’s like the greatest victory of all time. We get to the back and D’Lo Brown, our producer, is like ‘I can’t believe Canadians got booed in Canada!

IMPACT being the best it’s ever been:

I guess the lack of exposure we have with our television station right now, I won’t make you bring it up, I’ll bring it up. I think that also deters people from actually watching the show which sucks. I think our TV put up against anyone right now, check it out honestly, I think it’s great. Whatever everybody else did before the team we have now, shouldn’t affect the guys, because most of them are gone. So why don’t you see what the new crop is putting together because we’re doing our best and it’s really good I think.

Biggest change he’s seen in wrestling:

That social media is king. It’s like a popularity barometer in a weird way. It kind of lets people know people care what this person has to say, or what he’s doing, or where he is. Also, it’s really helped me draw my audience to events, which is helpful for promoters but also helpful for merchandise or content now, I’m putting my fans in my vlogs.

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