Fan Spits On Taya Valkyrie At Impact: ‘A Night You Can’t Mist’ (Video), Valkyrie Responds

Fan Spits On Taya Valkyrie At Impact Wrestling: A Night You Can't Mist

Another incident involving an exchange between a fan and a talent going too far once again went down this weekend.

Following last weekend’s issues between Bully Ray and a fan at the ROH: State of the Art event in Portland, Oregon, another issue went down involving a fan and Taya Valkyrie at the Impact Wrestling / House Of Hardcore A Night You Can’t Mist special event at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

During the show, a fan was yelling at Valkyrie and eventually tried to spit on her as she walked away. A video of the incident has surfaced on social media, which you can check out below.

Additionally, video has surfaced that shows the fan being ejected from the arena after the incident.

Following the event, Valkyrie took to social media to issue a statement regarding the situation.

“Call me names, enjoy the show, boo, cheer, whatever…..but don’t attack me verbally,” wrote Valkyrie via her official Twitter page. “Insult me personally and spit on me. Hey hey hey goodbye!”

She would go on to further address the situation, responding to fans on Twitter. According to Valkyrie, she wasn’t the only one who ran into issues with that particular fan at Saturday night’s show.

“Wasn’t just me,” wrote Valkyrie. “He was problematic throughout the entire show.”

Valkyrie continued, “Hope he wakes up tomorrow with a horrible hangover and realizes his mistakes. I’ll say a prayer for you bro …..”

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