Fenix On Being Over In The United States Despite "Racist Times"

Fenix On Being Over In The United States Despite “Racist Times”

Fenix was recently a guest on WINCLY. During the interview, he talked about the Lucha Bros upcoming match against The Young Bucks at Double Or Nothing, how proud he is to be over in the United States despite the race relation struggles and more. Here are the highlights:

On Wanting To Be The Face Of A Company As Part Of A Tag Team:

You’re talking about one important thing – with the buzz and The Lucha Bros, we want to work online. We want to be the Tag Team Champions of the world because nobody, no company, or wrestling show has a tag team as big stars. Just always as singles, always the heavyweight champion is the face of the company. We are working online, we want to change the game. We have started with different styles but we want, at some point, for the face of some company to be a tag team.

On The Young Bucks:

That’s what we are working on now, and we want to do more big [matches], and the rivalry with The Young Bucks is amazing. Two incredible wrestlers, but not better than us. So, we can show Young Bucks at AEW whatever these guys want to wrestle with us. We always put 100% of the Lucha Bros in the ring.

On MLW’s Belief In The Lucha Libre Style:

The first time when I was here in MLW, it made me feel incredible. It’s the first company that does a style that mixes the lucha libre and wrestling completely. I think it’s the #1 company with more luchadores with masks. That is the big thing I love about MLW, is the better position of the luchadores. Some people don’t like luchadores, they think that since we come from Mexico, we can do nothing, but MLW believes in us. MLW puts luchadores in good matches and [a] good position, and that’s why MLW is in that position.

On Being Over In A Challenging Social Environment:

We feel so proud, we feel so happy because every arena, every building, every city, every state we go, I don’t know from where, but Latino people come to watch us. And even more incredible is that American people look at us, like, I don’t know. I feel so happy because we are Mexican and the way we have us some racist times…generally, not wrestling, just generally. Because you are Mexican, people look at you different. But in wrestling, it’s so different and now, we have changed all the big things. Because if you’re talking about lucha libre in America, or wrestling, two big Mexicans are in the fu—ng lane, and that makes me so proud.

On Being Thankful For Where He Is Compared To The Start Of His Career:

I want to say thank you to you, to all the social media, all the fans, all the companies, because it’s just not us wrestlers. The business is you, the social media, the crowd, all the fans, the people putting in, the people putting chairs because that’s what I do before. That is all I do before. For that reason, I understand where the start of the business is and where is the end. Because before being a wrestler, before I was Rey Fénix the Mexican, I put chairs in all the shows in Mexico, I put up the ring, I know how to tie ropes. So, I know I need to say thank you to all the people in the business, so, ‘thank you guys.’

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: WrestlingInc.


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