Former NFL Superstar Shawne Merriman Challenges Batista To MMA Fight

Former San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman caught up with TMZ to issue an MMA challenge to Batista. Merriman praises Batista’s career and understands that he’s a busy man, but believes that it is something that the people want to see.

He looks good, man. I know that people will watch that. I know people wanna see that. If he was down to do it, I would do it in a second. I wouldn’t even question that one. I know he’s got other stuff going on, but why not give the people something they want to see.

Hey Batista, if you’re watching this dude, we’re both from the DMV area. I got mad love and respect for you. I know you been around the game a long time, and people wanna see it. Come on. I’ll be ready.

Check out the full video below.


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