Former Power Ranger To Make Wrestling Debut In 2019

Jason David Frank, best known as playing Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers franchise, will be making his in-ring wrestling debut for the Laredo Wrestling Alliance (LWA) in 2019 according to LMT Online. Frank, who is also a trained MMA competitor, appeared at an LWA event as a fan when he got into an altercation with title challenger Brysin Scott. Frank would knock him out, then get on the microphone to announce a matchup between the two for a future event.

This wasn’t a complete surprise, as Frank has mentioned that he’s been very interested in stepping into a wrestling ring, and attributes that interest to the success of crossovers from MMA to wrestling like Ronda Rousey.

I’ve always been interested in stepping into a wrestling ring. I don’t do this stuff. I do MMA. Just to learn this stuff is cool. I went to WWE, but just to see this passion in these fighters, everyone is hungry and everyone wants to be the best they can. I like that.

LWA, which has been around since 2010, has produced such stars as Shane Strickland, ACH, and Daga. LMT reports that the promotion experienced a surge in 2018, and with Jason David Frank’s addition, they plan on making 2019 their biggest year yet.

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