Former WWE Star Says WWE Is Taking His Ideas and He's Not Happy About It

Former WWE Star Says WWE Is Taking His Ideas and He’s Not Happy About It

Former WWE talent Abraham Washington, now known as Reverend Jeremiah Constantine, recently appeared on the High Spots Podcast and talked about how he feels WWE creative writers have been using some of his ideas as of late.

Constantine noted that he recently sent some of his work to WWE, and was told that it would be forwarded to a lead writer. He pointed to the new “Messiah” gimmick for RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins, and the recent “Firefly Fun House Breaking News” segment with WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt, as being similar to examples he’s done and sent to WWE.

“I feel they’re using certain elements of my material and yeah, I’m not too happy about it,” the former WWE-ECW character stated. “You know because here’s the thing I sent the WWE a video of me doing the Jeremiah Constantine thing the whole religious aspect with the studio audience mind you. All these things that I use right now and I got a response from someone saying that, ‘okay I’m going to send this to a lead writer.’

“So I know that they’ve seen the material and they know what I’m doing you know and certain aspects of that have come out on TV and I’ve never gotten a response from them, so it just upsets me the fact that you can’t even acknowledge me and that you’re taking from my stuff, especially with the Seth stuff, the Monday Night Messiah. I’m pretty sure they got that from my promos. Then they had Bray Wyatt doing the newscast thing you know which I’m doing right now, so it’s just like eh whatever.”

To compare, you can see one of Constantine’s recent “sermons” below and a recent Pro Wrestling Analysis video he did. Do you think these are similar to the recent creative angles for Rollins and Wyatt? Sound off in the comments section below.

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