Former WWE Tough Enough Competitor Looking To Combat School Shootings

Dan Rodimer, a member of the same Tough Enough season as The Miz and Daniel Puder, recently ran for a senate seat in the state of Nevada. During that time, he was interviewed by “The Hill” and discussed his desire to fight school shootings.

Rodimer’s Thoughts On How To Stop School Shootings:

We don’t have the counselors. In Nevada, we have one counselor for 250 kids. The average is one per 150 kids. I want a resource officer in every school, and I want a counselor in every school. Those are the two things we need the most. We need to work from the inside out.

You have teachers that need to learn how to counsel better. You’re a fresh teacher. You come right out of school. You’re excited, you want to teach, but they haven’t taught you really the counseling side. How do you talk to these kids? How do you break down the emotional intelligence side of it.

If you start putting regulations on guns, it’s just going to open the door to do more and more regulations.

You can read the full interview with Rodimer by clicking HERE


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