Former WWE Writer Reflects On Iconic Becky Lynch Moment, Randy Orton Travels In Style

Becky Lynch

Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide issued a short statement on Twitter commenting on last year’s Survivor Series build-up, which led to the iconic Beck Lynch broken nose spot that helped catapult The Man into the WrestleMania main event. Famuyide admits that everyone in the writers room was freaking out due to the amount of blood Lynch was leaking, but immediately recognized her signature pose afterwards as a memorable moment.

I’ll never forget being in the writers room watching this, as it was happening and all of us letting out a collective “holy s*** she’s leaking,” but once she stood up with the arms out we knew a moment was made.

Check out Famuyide’s Tweet and footage of Lynch’s antics below.

Former 14-time WWE champion Randy Orton released a video on his Instagram showing the Viper traveling on a private jet all by himself. He writes, “#travel woes.”

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