Gail Kim On Her Concern For Ethnic Females Of The WWE, Vince McMahon’s Ignorance

Gail Kim was a recent guest on the “Ring the Belle” podcast. During the appearance, she revealed that she is concerned for the females of Asian descent as well as other minorities under contract with the WWE. She went on to talk about Vince McMahon’s ignorance when it comes to non-white talents. Here are the highlights:

On Her Concern For Asian Wrestlers Under WWE Contract:

When I see these talented people like them [Io Shirai, Kairi Sane, Asuka], I get worried for them because I just know what kind of talent they have and it would make sense to utilize their talent to the upmost degree. I mean, that’s how you make money right? Do it to their best ability and I’m worried about the stereotypes in the business because normally and not in all cases but a lot of cases, you see a lot of the ethnic minorities being grouped together because they really don’t know what else to do and when I was there they would always ask me, ‘Do you speak Korean? Do you speak Korean?’ And I’m like, ‘No I didn’t learn a language in the last six months’ and so for me it was like, are they trying to make me go into that stereotypical role because that’s not me.

On Vince Thinking He’s Not Racist Because He Employs Wrestlers Of Different Ethnicities:

They have and I would never be able to pull that off because I was born and raised in Canada. I do worry about that. I hope that it does change, and I do think there’s a lot of racism and stereotyping but that’s not an excuse for Vince [McMahon] or anything like that but I think it’s just ignorance. I think people with those kind of beliefs are raised that way but it’s a different world now so I hope that he’s listening and that he’s changing stuff.” She continued, “This is the thing: I think in his mind, he thinks that if he hires people of ethnicities that he’s not racist but it’s not. It’s more than that and you know that. I truly believe that in his mind, he doesn’t think someone of color could be his face of the company which I disagree with. If you can connect with the audience in some way, you can be at the top.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: Ring the Belle. H/T Fightful


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