Gimmick Tree Entertainment To Host Tournament Honoring Bruiser Brody

Gimmick Tree Entertainment is hosting a one-night tournament honoring Bruiser Brody this Friday in Philadelphia. Brody’s wife, Barbara Goodish, and wrestling legend Stan Hansen will be there to present the winner with The Brody Cup. The event will also be streamed live on Fite TV.

Check out the press release below, and special thanks to for informing LoP on the story.

Thirty years after his tragic death, Bruiser Brody is being honored in a city that embraces his hardcore style, rebellious nature, brutal honesty, relentless work ethic and family-first values.

The toughest competitors in the Northeast will collide in Philadelphia this Friday for the inaugural Brody Cup, a tournament presented by Gimmick Tree Entertainment. Company owner Charlie Armstrong had been pushing for the idea after befriending Brody’s widow Barbara Goodish at the 50th Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in 2015. Initially hesitant to attach her late husband’s name to a wrestling event, Armstrong says he earned her trust over the years and now she is fully supportive.

According to Armstrong, Barbara will actually be at the Brody Cup (along with Brody’s friend and tag team partner Stan Hansen) to present the trophy to the winner of the tournament.

Instead of holding the tournament at the iconic 2300 Arena in South Philly, Armstrong looked for a smaller venue that would come across great on TV. (Specifically, Fite TV, which will be live streaming the event.) He chose the Lithuanian Music Hall in the Port Richmond neighborhood, a 110-year-old local institution that hosts weddings, banquets, theater performances and other cultural events. “The first time I went to check it out, I pulled up behind a car to park on the street and when I looked up, there was an ECW fan tag on the car,” Armstrong says. “I thought, man, if this ain’t the place to run this show?”

Fond of its “old Elks Lodge feel,” Armstrong says he has signed an exclusive deal with the hall, preventing any other wrestling promotion from running shows there. With a maximum capacity of 300 people, fans planning on attending the Brody Cup should get their tickets ASAP. As of the second week of January, roughly 60%-70% of tickets were already sold, Armstrong says.


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