Glacier On Whether He Is Scheduled For Additional AEW Appearances

Glacier was interviewed by Wrestlezone during Starrcast. During the interview, he revealed that his appearance at Double or Nothing was a one-time deal, but that he fully supports the Rhodes’ family and the company and would be happy to wrestle for the company again in the future. Here’s what he had to say:

For me right now, this is just a one-time appearance, but I’m going to be supporting Cody and the Rhodes family—of course Dusty being a mentor of mine—we go way back. I’m a proud member of the Nightmare Family, so I’m going to be supporting Cody in every way as they go into TV in the Fall. If he needs me for anything he knows I’m here, but I mainly want to be here to support AEW and the great fans.

I was here last night when they did a big Q&A, and it was just so great for them to just talk about how everything started, what their plans are for the future, really just bridging that gap between the wrestling community and the fans to make it more one in the same. It had always been separated at that top level, and this is where they’re making it this culture where [it’s] ‘we’re in this all together.’

Credit: Wrestlezone.

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