Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Tell Those NFL Players To Get Off Their Knees

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was a guest recently on Colt Cabana’s The Art of Wrestling Podcast. Duggan and Cabana were talking about the different crowds from around the world that still chant USA at Duggan when he’s on his way to the ring, most recently in England in January. Duggan mentions a time back in the old days when they were in Austria and JBL couldn’t believe the USA chant that Duggan was receiving. Duggan followed that up with:

“That was long before all this political stuff. It was OK to chant USA in another part of the world. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to chant USA no matter where Hacksaw Jim Duggan is.”

Cabana tells the listeners that the next bit he thought about editing it out. Cabana says, “I don’t want to get political. But I don’t know. He said it. He has the right to his views. And I figured I’d be the bad person to edit out a stance that I don’t believe in, just so I’m swaying it my way. I feel like that is the Fox News way of doing it. So I kept this part in because it looks like Jim really believes in it.”

Cabana then resumes Duggan’s clip.

Jim Duggan: “Tell those NFL players to get off their knees.”

Cabana laughs and asks are those real Jim Duggan thoughts.

Duggan says, “The only NFL game I watched last year was the SuperBowl. I go down to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio where those Wounded Warriors come in and last time I was down there I brought my wife with me and they told us before we went in, ‘Hacksaw some of these kids are gonna be pretty messed up’. First young guy walks in with his face burned off, ‘Hacksaw, I’m a big fan.’ Another young guy comes in, pulls his leg off, ‘Hacksaw will you sign my leg for me?’ Tell those kids why you’re kneeling down. Protest all you want, but a little respect I think.”

Cabana says he’s the opposite. “I’m not looking to get into a fight about it. Hence why I played what he said. I’m under the belief that Colin Kaepernick took a knee to bring awareness to white cops shooting and killing black kids. And my thoughts say, yeah, people need to be aware of that this is a big deal in America. If that’s how they want to protest. It’s not because of the soldiers who have fought or the respect for our country. It’s for these policemen murdering black people. Yes. I get it. I can understand how people think there is disrespect towards the flag or to the people over there. Thats not the intent. This is my belief. But if you went over and were in war and your friends died, of course you would want respect for that flag. Let’s not get into an argument. I love you. You love me. But these are my beliefs and those are Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s beliefs. Let’s not separate the wrestling world lets just all love each other. How was that politically? How did I do?”

To here in the audio where everything was quoted from it begins at the 11:30 mark.


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