Harold Meij Shoots Down Rumors That NJPW Denied Kenny Omega Access Into Japan

New Japan Pro Wrestling President Harold Meij stated in a recent NJPW diary that the rumors of the promotion denying former IWGP Heavyweight champion and current AEW superstar Kenny Omega access into Japan are ridiculous and not to be believed. Meij thanks Omega for his contributions to the company before wishing him all the success in the word.

By the way, there’s this unbelievable rumour going around that NJPW tried to prevent Kenny Omega from entering Japan, there’s no way a company (meaning New Japan) could do that, no reason to do that or would even want to do that. I just thought I’d address it because I want to be clear about these things. It was a rumour spread by someone’s wild speculation. Kenny Omega made a huge contribution to New Japan and we wish him all the success in the world.

Meij is referring to the story of Omega having visa issues, which made him nearly miss his scheduled matchup at DDT Pro’s Ultimate Party event. Rumors were that NJPW was sour on Omega for leaving the promotion to form AEW, a take that has been heavily speculated on since its occurrence. You can read Meij’s full diary entry below, where he hypes up this year’s WrestleKingdom and discusses the upcoming World Tag League.

(Special thanks to Super J-Cast for the translation)


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