Hornswoggle On His New Book

Hornswoggle On His New Book

Hornswoggle was recently interviewed by Wrestlezone. During the interview, he discussed his new book. Here are the highlights:

On Kofi Kingston & Curt Hawkins Writing The Foreward:

I asked Kofi and Curt Hawkins because they’ve always been my best friends in wrestling, and so I thought why not have them do it? I don’t want this fake foreword by someone I don’t really care about, I wanted it from them. [Kofi’s] was first and I didn’t see it until the final published copy, and man, their two forewords put a smile on my face and welled up my eyes at the same time. It was very—Kofi starts the whole book. And it couldn’t be a better start to the whole book because it’s funny and caring and everything encapsulated in one. I’m so happy for Kofi, and it’s proof that he’s such an awesome guy. No one would argue that he deserves to be WWE Champion; everyone on that roster and in that locker room, everyone was happy for that moment.

Credit: Wrestlezone.


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