Hugo Savinovich On Bret Hart Destroying The Spanish Announce Table After The Montreal Screwjob

During an interview with WINCLY, Hugo Savinovich recalled Bret Hart destroying the Spanish Announce Table following the Montreal Screwjob. Here’s what he had to say:

We were shocked like hell because we were doing the passionate narrating – Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich are doing Spanish [commentary] and then this happened. And as you know, nobody knew [the Screwjob was going to happen], so this thing happened and then we saw that he spit at Vince and then he destroyed our table! He was so upset, so furious. Carlos and I were in shock about what did happen there so it was like, ‘Woah! What the heck just happened?’ And we were there. It was like a commotion and whatever happened, it didn’t last too long. In the background, we found out that Shane got in the middle and he injured his ankle or something like that. And this was not a scripted story and then we found out that this thing was kept a very heavy secret. Now things were in a delicate situation because back then, you couldn’t see the scandals like you do now that break on the internet and all that. So, that was huge and it’s still big news to kind of have that ending to a match where one of the biggest stars in our business was shocked and robbed of the title in front of his fans. Regardless of how predictable our outcomes are, he was really surprised.

No, not at all. This was a decision that Vince took. I was also involved in WrestleMania 19 where Hulk Hogan hits me with a chair, and I can tell you that you could count on your fingers the people who knew about that that day. Stone Cold said he was watching with Booker T [when I got hit] and he said to book, ‘Oh! He was in the middle!’ Because as a professional, he knows that an announcer should not be there. [The Montreal Screwjob] was a decision after Vince had secured a good contract for Bret of over 8 million dollars or more with Bischoff and Ted Turner. And what he wanted was a different outcome than what Vince accepted. I think it was a very delicate situation and then also you’ve got Bret in his homeland, his country. Which, you know, is sacred for people. He’s a true professional and trust me, even with the years gone by, I don’t think you can forget something like that. You say, ‘Okay, it happened’, but when you talk about it, I believe it still hurts.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.


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