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Another action-packed episode of IMPACT Wrestling starts right now!

Tag Team Champions Z&E (DJZ & Andrew Everett) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ King – Tag Team Championship Match
LAX brawls with Z&E on the ramp to jumpstart the match! Everett flies with a flip dive over the top rope into Ortiz on the outside. DJZ does the same with a splash to Santana. LAX connects with a double team backbreaker on Everett.
Everett takes out Santana and Ortiz with a double top rope dropkick! Everett hits Santana with a springboard powerbomb for a very close near fall. Ortiz hits a cutter out of the corner on DJZ for a near fall. DJZ and Everett hit Ortiz with a Shooting Star, followed by two Moonsaults but he still kicks out at two! Everett misses a huge top rope maneuver, allowing LAX to hit the Street Sweeper and become the new tag team champions!
Winners and new tag team champions: LAX

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs says that he and Kongo Kong have targeted Brian Cage because he walks around like he owns IMPACT Wrestling! Jacobs says the machine is no match for his monster!

KM is in the ring to address his relationship with Fallah Bahh after Fallah inadvertently cost them a tag team match last week. KM says he was trying to help Fallah by making him into the next big star of IMPACT Wrestling but Fallah screwed that up. Fallah comes to the ring and hands KM a note. It says he won’t be facing KM tonight because KM’s opponent is a standby wrestler – but it’s not Richard Justice!

KM vs. Scott Steiner
Steiner sends KM crashing into the steel ring steps. Steiner connects with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. KM climbs to the top rope but Steiner meets him there and slams him to the mat! Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner, forcing KM to tap out!
Winner: Scott Steiner

We see footage from the Slammiversary press conference in Toronto, featuring a huge main event between Austin Aries and Moose for the IMPACT World Championship!

Eddie Edwards returns home to Boston to find out that his wife, Alisha has moved out of their home because of the way he’s been acting! Eddie looks at himself in the mirror and sees Sami Callihan in the reflection. It becomes apparent that the situation with Callihan has caused Eddie to go insane.

We see footage from the oVe cam. Referring to Pentagon coming to the aid of Fantasma last week, Callihan says he’s sick and tired of people sticking their noses in oVe’s business. Callihan says they’re going to make an example out of Pentagon tonight when Jake & Dave Crist face Pentagon and Fantasma in a tag team match.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne
During the match, we see Knockouts Champion Su Yung watching on. Taya places Madison on the top rope but Madison fights her off and hits a tornado DDT! Madison connects with the ripcord cutter for a near fall. Taya counters a head scissors into a backbreaker to gain control. Taya attempts Road to Valhalla but Madison counters into a rollup for a very close near fall! Madison hits an enzuigiri, followed by the Cross-Rayne to pick up the victory!
Winner: Madison Rayne

After the match, Madison Rayne gets on the mic and says when she returned to IMPACT Wrestling, she had no intention of coming back as an in-ring competitor but her recent burst of momentum changed her mind. She informs us that IMPACT management has granted her a shot at Su Yung and the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary! The lights go out and Su Yung’s demonic laugh fills the IMPACT Zone as Madison retreats up the ramp.

At the clubhouse, LAX is celebrating their tag title victory over Z&E earlier tonight. Konnan returns but the mood quickly changes as he tells King they need to talk. Konnan accuses King of knowing who attacked him but King denies the allegation. Konnan tells King if he finds out he had something to do with the attack, he’s going to find him!

Last week, the mystery hitman was revealed as Killer Kross as we learn more about this man in a video feature!

We see a promo for the Desi Hit Squad, coming to IMPACT Wrestling!

Pentagon Jr & Fantasma vs. oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/ Sami Callihan
Fantasma hits Jake with the Arrow from the Depths of Hell suicide dive! Jake and Dave double team Fantasma on their side of the ring, preventing him from getting the tag to Pentagon. Fantasma is about to make the tag when Jake knocks Pentagon off the apron! Fantasma hits Jake with the cutter and finally makes the tag to Pentagon! He goes on the attack and causes Jake to accidentally superkick his own partner! Dave hits Fantasma with a Superplex into a powerbomb by Jake! Pentagon connects with a massive superkick on Jake, followed by the Pentagon Driver to win!
Winners: Pentagon Jr & Fantasma

After the match, Callihan attempts to take out Pentagon with the baseball bat but he fights out of it! Pentagon locks in armbar on Jake but this time, Callihan successfully nails him with the bat! Callihan and oVe attempt to rip off Pentagon’s mask but Fantasma makes the save with the steel chair!

Next week, the road to Slammiversary continues to heat up when IMPACT Wrestling emanates from Windsor, Ontario, Canada! Don’t miss it!

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