In New Interview, Bruce Prichard Talks ALL IN, Calls Cody Rhodes “The Guy.”

Bruce Prichard (aka Brother Love) spoke with Sporting News recently to talk about the success of his podcast Something To Wrestle With and breakdown the biggest newsworthy stories occurring currently in the pro-wrestling universe. Two big topics that Prichard covered were Vince McMahon’s reactions to the massively successful ALL IN show, produced by The Young Bucks and former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes.

SN: A lot people have wondered what people in WWE headquarters thought of All In and everything surrounding the event. You knew Vince McMahon better than anybody else. What do you think Vince McMahon would be thinking about an event like this?

Prichard: I truly believe that the folks in Connecticut, in particular Vince McMahon, are probably thinking, ‘Wow, this is really good for the business and it again speaks to the health and popularity of wrestling.’ When people say the business is dead, it’s dying and it’s passe and you have an event like All In, it makes you proud to be in it. I’m glad people still recognize it and want more.

Adding on to the ALL IN conversation, Prichard named Cody as “the guy” outside of the WWE, accolading his charisma and in-ring talent to his success since leaving the company a couple years back.

SN: Roman Reigns is considered “The Guy” in WWE. In your mind, who is that guy outside of the WWE?

Prichard: It’s Cody. He’s the guy. When you get outside of the WWE, I think he’s the hottest free agent and talent in the business today. It proves that with the success of All In. He’s got the charisma. He’s got the pizzazz and he’s got ‘it.’ Without a shadow of a doubt, Cody is the guy.

Check out more from Prichard’s interview here. 


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