Interesting Note on Major WWE Title Change Speculation from a Source

The @Wrestlevotes Twitter account painted an interesting scenario for the WWE Title picture, one that is already being met with negative feedback.

There’s been a lot of speculation on where WWE is going with the current Shane McMahon push. We’ve noted how Shane has three recent wins over The Miz and 1 recent win over Roman Reigns. WV noted that one of their sources said they could see Shane actually winning the WWE Title from Kofi Kingston.

“I’ve asked what the payoff is to this major Shane McMahon push & TV time allotment. No one seems to have a solid answer. One source said he could see (JUST HIS SPECULATION HERE) Shane being the one to defeat Kofi for the title. That would be something,” Wrestlevotes wrote.

It should be noted that this is just speculation from one of their sources. This direction has not been reported as something that’s actually happening, discussed or even rumored.

Kofi is set to defend his title in a Steel Cage match against Dolph Ziggler at WWE Stomping Grounds later this month. There’s no solid word yet on what WWE has planned for Kofi after that.


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