Jake "The Snake" Roberts On His Issues With Modern Promos, If He'd Be Interested In Teaching Younger Wrestlers

Jake “The Snake” Roberts On His Issues With Modern Promos, If He’d Be Interested In Teaching Younger Wrestlers

During an appearance on WINCLY, Jake Roberts discussed the problems he has with today’s promos and if he’d be interested in teaching other wrestlers. Here are the highlights:

On The Issues He Has With Modern Promos:

It’s better than what we have been getting. I’m excited a little bit about it but there’s just a few things I can’t stand. One of those is the invisible wall during these talk fests. If you’re really thinking about all of that with a guy that’s in the ring with you – I guess guys are stuck between an invisible wall and you can’t get to the guy. I guess that’s the business now and in my day you wouldn’t have two guys in the ring with mics. It just wouldn’t happen. If it was the real world, are you gonna sit and talk about this BS or are you gonna whoop his ass?

On Teaching Other Wrestlers:

I’ve pretty much done everything I tried to do and I can say that now that I’ve gotten sober. My ring work was damn good and not many people could touch it. What’s to say I can’t teach somebody? I’ve taught a lot of people whether it was Steve Austin or Diamond Dallas Page or the Road Warriors. I taught them well evidently and then to get kudos from Undertaker on his thing with Steve Austin was cool.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.


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