Jay Lethal Not Looking Past Matt Taven at the 17th Anniversary PPV to MSG

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio

Guest: Jay Lethal

Date: 03/15/19

Your Host: James Walsh

“The Franchise” Jay Lethal is Ring of Honor’s longest reigning World Champion in history. As the company celebrates its 17th Anniversary with Winner Takes All on Pay Per View and Honor Club on Friday, March 15th, Lethal defends his title against the “Real World Champion” Matt Taven. The winner will defend against Marty Scurll in Madison Square Garden as ROH and NJPW present G1 Supercard of Honor.  But, Lethal is not looking beyond the Las Vegas PPV to MSG. He’s well awae of the challenge in front of him in the game and under-appreciated Taven.
To listen to our conversation with Jay Lethal and the entire Ring of Honor press call from Tuesday, visit www.WrestlingEpicenter.com.


On fans sleeping on Matt Taven’s potential to defeat Jay Lethal at the 17th Anniversary PPV:
“I definiately think people are sleeping on Matt Taven. Not to say that I’m hurt but I am slighted, and it also is because of my body of work, but I feel slighted because everyone asked him what it is like to step in the ring with me and what this match means to him. No one has really asked me what it is like stepping into the ring with Matt Taven or my thoughts on that match. The reason it hurts is Matt Taven… He is so driven and it makes him excel so well in the wrestling business He’s got a burning desire to show that you can put him in the ring with anybody and he can hang. It is true. It is a shame some people can’t see beyond certain things. I get to see Matt Taven before those cameras start rolling. The work ethic of this guy is amazing. Although we don’t see eye to eye all the time, Taven is amazing.”
On the impact of dropping his title to Taven should he lose:
“I’ll tell you one thing that I don’t mind saying. I fear what he would do as Ring of Honor champion. But, I don’t fear for the company because I know he prides himself on being the number one guy for the company. He would go above and beyond for the company no matter if there were 10 people there or 10,000. You’re going to get your money’s worth when Matt Taven is in the ring. It is a little sad that some people are sleeping on him. It goes without saying that he isn’t the nicest person in the world. If given the chance, Matt Taven would be one hell of a Ring of Honor World Champion. We will find out on pay per view!”
On the importance of the ROH 17th Anniversary PPV before G1 Supercard at MSG:
“Las Vegas has the potential to change and shake up a lot of things that are already planned. There are so many things that are going to have to be changed even if I do retain. There is so much on the line in Las Vegas that I don’t think people understand but that is because everyone is so excited about wrestling in Madison Square Garden! It is going to be wild!”

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