Jay Lethal On Why He Doesn’t Like Being Called A Veteran & More

Ring of Honor World Champ Jay Lethal was recently interviewed by “Windy City Slam”. During the interview, he talked about why he doesn’t like it when people refer to him as a veteran, his lengthy world title reign and more. Here are the highlights:

On Not Liking The “Veteran” Tag:

I don’t even like hearing anybody referring to me as a veteran,” said Lethal. “I feel like there’s still a lot that I don’t know, there’s still a lot that I’m working on. Every wrestler can always strive to be a little better than they are now.

On His Record Setting ROH Title Reign:

It feels amazing. In Ring of Honor, everyone who walks through the curtain, their goal is to make Ring of Honor bigger and/or better than it was yesterday. I think that puts us all on the same playing field.

I’ve always had a tough time looking at myself as someone great or something great. I don’t have that view of myself. Although, I don’t think I’m awful (either).

On The G1 Supercard:

I’m so nervous. It’s amazing. No one thought it was possible,” Lethal said. “The little kid inside of me is jumping for joy right now. He can’t contain himself. He knows he’s about to wrestle in the same building that he watched on his couch with his brothers, countless wrestling events. It’s unreal.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: Windy City Slam.

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