Jazzy Gabert On Why She Didn’t Sign With The WWE, Interaction With Shawn Michaels & More

Jazzy Gabert’s size and unique look made her one of the standout participants in the Mae Young Classic 2017. It was a surprise to most that she was not signed by the company afterwards. Gabert recently spoke with Mirror Sports and revealed that neck issues were the main reason that she didn’t sign with the WWE. She also discussed being able to speak with Shawn Michaels, as well as her plans for the future. Here are the highlights:

On Her Interaction With HBK:

I was standing backstage, I was about to go out. My music hit, my name came on the screen and the fans were so loud. My music has three beats. The first beat, I go out, the second, I lift my flag and the third I start walking. I couldn’t hear anything. I wanted to play the Alpha Female, to be mean and scary looking, but I had to smile. I couldn’t hold it. My face looks weird because I smiled but tried to be serious.

Afterwards, Shawn Michaels came up to me and said ‘nobody told you that you were allowed to smile!’ and I said ‘I’m so sorry’ and he was like ‘No! You should have enjoyed the moment!’ That was the best, most amazing moment in my life, I guess. The crowd started chanting ‘please sign Jazzy’ and Triple H responded to the crowd.

On Her Neck Issues Keeping Her From Signing A WWE Contract:

I was little bit upset not being there at the second Mae Young Classic but there is a reason behind that. After I competed in the first Mae Young Classic, I got the offer from WWE and had a contract in my hand.

I went to do the medical check-up but failed the medical tests. I had a really bad neck and understood I wouldn’t be medically cleared to compete, and I totally understand it because WWE wants the best for their athletes. They’re not reckless.

On Her Future:

I was at the Germany try-outs in Cologne. I was invited to watch it, not to participate. I was there for two days and watched the young talents and was able to speak to Paul Fair and Canyon Ceman, who are the also talent scouts for WWE. I could support some of my friends and stars I know from the independent scene. So, I am in contact with WWE and we will see what the future brings, I guess.

I would not necessarily say NXT Germany, in particular, but maybe NXT Europe? I think there was originally a plan, but I think you guys doing the Brexit thing, I think you need to have your own brand because no one knows what will happen afterwards. I don’t even know if I can work in England any more, maybe I need a Visa! So, I think NXT will be distinct on your island and maybe the rest will be NXT Europe.

We have great talent in Germany, but I don’t personally think we have enough for a single brand. Look at WXW Germany, the promotion I work for regularly and who have a relationship with WWE, they use athletes from France, Belgium, Holland, from all over Europe, so I imagine sooner or later there will be NXT Europe.

On The 2018 Mae Young Classic:

Of course, it was upsetting. I watched it with a happy and a sad eye. There were a lot of people in it I admire like Meiko Satamura, Killer Kelly, Io Shirai and Toni Storm. They’re my friends and I love them, so I was happy for them but of course sad, as it was a great memory, which I wanted to repeat.

My personal idol, but I’ve never had the chance to wrestle her, is Meiko Satamura. I really want to wrestle her. Hopefully it will happen one day! I’ve met her many times at different shows, I saw her at WWE Evolution, for Pro Wrestling EVE in London and many times in Japan. She’s one of my heroes and I want to prove to her that I’m a respectable person and opponent.

To read the full Jazzy Gabert interview with Mirror Sport, click HERE

Credit: Mirror Sport

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