Jeff Cobb On Whether He’d Be Interested In Joining WWE & Who He’d Want To Wrestle

Jeff Cobb was a recent guest on “The Ross Report” with Jim Ross. During his interview with JR, Cobb addressed his level of interest in the WWE and which wrestlers he’d like to get into the ring with. Here are the highlights:

Cobb On Whether He’d Be Interested In A Run With The WWE:

I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to go there. I’ll date myself, but WWF is the reason why I fell in love with pro wrestling, so I’d be a liar if I’d said, ‘no, I never want to go there.’ I would love to go there. Again, like, that’s the ultimate test right there. And, I think, again, getting out of the comfort zone, going to a huge global company like that would definitely be on my bucket list.

Cobb On Which Superstars He’d Like To Wrestle:

I would definitely love to wrestle with Samoa Joe. I think that would be a fun time. I get that comparison a lot on the independents. I would also love to wrestle Cesaro. I think he’s super talented. He’s just really good and I would love to have that match with him.

You can watch the full podcast by clicking HERE

Credit: The Ross Report

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