Jeff Hardy Praises Mustafa Ali, Talks Excitement For AEW, WrestleMania 33 Return

Jeff Hardy Praises Mustafa Ali, Talks Excitement For AEW, WrestleMania 33 Return

WWE superstar Jeff Hardy recently spoke with Gorilla Position to talk all things pro-wrestling. In the interview, Hardy gives praise to fellow SmackDown wrestler Mustafa Ali, reveals that he’s rather excited for AEW, and reflects on his epic WrestleMania 33 return with his brother Matt. Highlights are below.


Keep doing what you do’ because watching him [Mustafa Ali] in 205 Live and just even recently, I think Daniel Bryan, he [Mustafa Ali] did a 450 off the apron and I said, ‘Have you ever done that before?’ He said, ‘Yeah I did it one time in 205’. I said how do you do that? It was just so insane — the stuff they do and it’s like they keep raising the bar somehow. And so — but yeah, he’s one of my favorite wrestlers right now. When people ask me, ‘Who’s the next kind of Jeff Hardy?’ He’s by far…. He’s the first Mustafa Ali but he’s way better than I was at what he’s doing. I mean I never did anything that insane, and he’s incredible.


I’m so excited. We love the Young Bucks, man. To see that [Chris] Jericho’s there, I mean it’s so exciting to see what that becomes. I can’t wait to watch that first show and get a feel for what it looks like, how it’s gonna be, the longevity it might consist of, so it’s always exciting for a new company to come through and see what happens.


That’s the best, ya know. It beats jumping off any ladder, off any high structure. That was the moment, and I think the No. 1 moment in Matt and my career for sure because it don’t get any better than that, man. After being gone for nine years or whatever it was, and coming back to that welcoming applause, it was insane.

Watch Hardy’s full interview below.


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