Jennifer Decker On Her Friendship With Lana, Her Perception Of How Lana & Rusev Have Been Booked & More

Jennifer Decker was a recent guest on WINCLY. During the interview, the host of the Double or Nothing weigh-in discussed her friendship with Lana as well as her thoughts on the push, or lack thereof, that Lana and Rusev have had. Here are the highlights:

On How She Met Lana:

We have such a history. We went to college together and was part of the group I created called the Cowgirls. We were the unofficial mascots of Florida State University.

On Lana’s Work Ethic:

I’ve never met someone so hungry to succeed. If you tell CJ [Lana] she can’t do something, she’s gonna work that much harder to prove you wrong. So it’s been really cool to watch her and the other girls climb their way up.

On How Lana’s Personality Has Evolved:

She was super sweet and, she’ll be the first person to say it, a little naive. She was from Europe – that part of her story is real, not kayfabe. She really wanted to believe in the good in everyone. But I think her time in the entertainment industry has taught her to be a lot more savvy. I’ve definitely been a part of that in teaching her to not let people run over you and to stand up for yourself.

On Lana & Rusev’s Lack Of Push:

I am wearing my #salty hat right now. I feel that way about a lot of talent, not just CJ and [Rusev]. I think WWE is starting to make changes. But I’m not privy to any of their inside stuff… I do feel bad for people that I know have so much more to give wresting fans.

On The Current WWE Culture:

When you have that many voices airing their grievances, it says a lot about the culture going on there….It’s really hard to come in and put on a happy face at times and pretend you want to be there when you don’t feel that you are appreciated. I can see why a lot of people get frustrated and eventually want out of their contracts.

On Why Lana & Rusev Will Turn Their Removal From Total Divas Into A Positive:

That’s the truth. It really is the truth but I can’t see how you can take someone out of the show that is your comedic relief.

Taking them off Total Divas was just a kick in the nuts because she is so funny and bring so much to the table as far as entertainment goes, I think it was a poor move. But they’ll find something else that will help them showcase their brand in a better way because they are smart business people. Besides just being amazing performers and entertainers, they understand how to run a business when it comes to their brand. Whatever they end up doing, I’m sure will be just as successful if not more so.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: WINCLY

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