Jim Cornette On Wrestling Fans Who Get Offended & More

Jim Cornette was recently interviewed by “Newsweek”. During the interview, he discussed whether he cares about fans being offended by his opinions. Here are the highlights:

On The Jim Cornette Experience:

I spent the majority of my adult life in a business where the object is to make people believe that you believe what you say. I was good at that, right? Even in a worked environment in wrestling. Well, now I don’t have to work, I can actually tell the truth. I can say what I really think. And if I was believable when I was working … [laughs]

On People Get Offended:

For the people who are offended about the fact that we have a bunch of criminals and criminal enablers and buffoons and scheisters and con men and frauds and real estate frauds running our country and our government, they like to hear that they’re not the only ones that feel that way.


The way new stars were made in the territories were by beating the established guys. They way new stars were made in WCW and WWE was by beating the established guys and getting in that mix. When you only have one established guy, that’s gonna be hard.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: Newsweek.

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