Jim Ross On Feeling Like The WWE Was Leaving Him Behind

Jim Ross was recently interviewed by “The New York Post”. During the interview, he discussed his excitement level for his upcoming role with AEW and how he felt like he was being given a chance that the WWE was no longer willing to give him. Here are the highlights:

On Feeling Like The WWE Was Leaving Him Behind:

I started disappearing [in my career]. And I wasn’t ready to despair. I always felt like I had something to offer. I feel like I have plenty of miles on my tires.

On His Excitement Level For What Lies Ahead:

You can’t do anything about yesterday because that’s history. Affect today, and today, I’m getting ready for the biggest assignment I’ve had in years, maybe in forever on Saturday night.

On Why AEW Has Him So Interested:

Building a brand and all these things, it’s just how I’m wired. And for me to sit at home, you know, is not constructed for me.

On His New Announce Team:

We’re going to be fine, I think. It may be rocky to get rolling, but shoot, by the time that show’s over and we call, which I assume will be [Chris] Jericho and [Kenny] Omega, if we ain’t rocking and rolling, that’s our fault.

On The Issues He Has With The Way The WWE Wants Their Announcers To Call Matches:

They’re not looking for play-by-play people, they’re looking for people who can narrate and give backstory. And it’s very annoying for a wrestling fan. And maybe, someday, everybody will get there. If you’re talking about something totally different than what I’m seeing there is invariably a disconnect.

On Cody v. Dustin:

This is why they were born, I believe for a moment like this, born in the world of wrestling. This is an opportunity to show their dad what he taught them psychologically, ring-wise, physically, the whole nine yards.

On AEW’s Promos Not Being Scripted:

We’re going to give you [the wrestlers] your most sellable points, utilize those and work them into your promo. And here’s your time, you get two minutes or a minute and a half. I just don’t see anybody going in the ring and doing a 10 or 12 minute scripted promo. It’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to me that that’s what the business has come to.

On Doing A Podcast On The 20th Anniversary Of Owen Hart’s Death:

It took us about three or four hours to get through it because I would stop, blubber. It’s just sad. It’s so sad. And unless you’re there, again, it’s hard to put into words, or express your feelings on how heartbreaking it was and how many people’s lives that it touched, and how their lives continue to be lived afterwards. How they changed. It’s an amazing show. And if I had my vote, I’ll never do it again, this would be it.

On Why Fan Nostalgia Is So Strong Today:

It tells me they are not happy with what they are seeing right now. They want some qualities of the old days. And what that means is, it’s not really a physical thing. It’s a psychological issue. You want a tale you can make an emotional investment in.

On Needing To Show That He Still Belongs:

I got something to prove, that I got taken out of the lineup too early and I can still play. And it’s up to me to make sure that happens on Saturday night. And most of the pressure is on me, I put it on myself. I’m going to think about it all week, I’m going to worry about it all week and I’m going to be ready to go.

You can read the full interview HERE

Credit: New York Post.

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