Jim Ross On How He’d Book Ronda v Becky At Survivor Series & Impact’s New Timeslot

Jim Ross

On the most recent episode of The Ross Report, Jim Ross broke down what he believes to be the best booking plan for Ronda Rousey v Becky Lynch at Survivor Series. He believes that it in inevitable that Rousey go over, but advocates for a Bret Hart v Steve Austin Wrestlemania 13 style finish to the match. He also gives his thoughts on Impact’s new timeslot. Here are the highlights:

On How He’d Book Rousey v Lynch:

I had a good idea for that thing. I figure that Rousey’s gonna go over. And I don’t have a problem with that. One loss, then again depending on how the process evolves, you ain’t gonna hurt Becky Lynch. I’m sorry (ruin your image), it’s not. She’s that over and she has a lot of momentum and so a bump in the road, depending again on how it’s executed is not going to kill her. I like Rousey going for the armbar and Becky refusing to give up and passing out. Or the referee stops it. She doesn’t have to be totally unconscious, but where as she can’t defend herself or make a decision whether or not she can continue or not. If its executed and explained, it’s a hell of a finish. Makes her tougher than a $2 steak and it gets Rousey’s armbar even more over. And you got your big investment, your big ticket player getting her hand raised. That’s just my take on it, but what do I know?

Rousey On IMPACT’s Move To 10PM:

Doin’ them no favors. Its hammering nails in coffins as far as TV vernacular is concerned. Last week the viewership was hovering around 100,000. You can’t sell goods out of an empty wagon, kids and the wagon’s damn near empty and that’s a shame because they got good creative people, they got a good talent roster, they got a lousy, they meaning IMPACT (pronoun, boy) – that won’t work.

You’re perpetuating the inevitable and that’s not a good ending.

You can view the latest episode of The Ross Report by clicking HERE

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