Jim Ross On The “Dr. Heinie” Skit, Vince Making Fun Of His Bell’s Palsy & More

On the latest episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross discussed whether he believes that Vince McMahon is mean spirited. He recalled Vince making fun of him for having bell’s palsy as well as the “Dr. Heinie” skit that also targeted him. Here are the highlights:

On The “Dr. Heinie” Skit:

Dr. Heinie was mean-spirited. I get a call that day, I’m on morphine, just got home [from the hospital], and I get a call, and my little Jan, God bless her, says ‘Honey, it’s Vince!’ OK. So here I am, I’m loaded with pain meds. I got staples and sutures all in my stomach, all this surgery, these drain things that drain my carcass, it was horrible. He said, ‘Hey pal, just wanted to see how you’re doing,’ I didn’t even get a chance to answer him. He said, ‘Just wanted you to know that we got a little something special for you tonight on RAW, I think you’re really gonna like it, you’re gonna really enjoy it.’ And so I go, ‘Oh good, thanks’, whatever. I thought it was gonna be like, ‘Get well to JR’, right? He’s home, JR’s out of the hospital, because I blew up their dotcom, WWE.com, people were concerned about JR, which I appreciate, still do by God. So the lucky part for me was I fell asleep before the end of the RAW. In the 11th segment of RAW, the money segment that talents would fight over to be in the closing segment of Monday Night RAW, when it was a two hour show, not a three hour marathon, because then you are fatigued, physically and mentally, that was the primetime, that was it, man, that was the money segment. So I’m thinking, if they were going to do anything with me, it sure wouldn’t be the last segment of the show. Boy was I wrong, again. And of course they had Ms. Slobberknocker. And of course the payoff was pulling a mannequin head alleged to resemble me out of my ass. What did that mean, Conrad?

On Vince Targeting Him For Having Bell’s Palsy:

Maybe I was too easy a target. Maybe there are a lot of things about me. I know, I’ve had writers say in private meetings, in writing meetings, that Vince would imitate JR with the bell’s palsy and the paralysis of the face. And if that’s true, can you imagine? All those guys, several of them have told me that, so either they’re all lying, or for whatever reason, he felt compelled to do that and thought it was entertaining. And of course you know the horse laughs are gonna come from, if he giggles, the horse laughs are gonna come big time from the gallery.

On If He Thinks Vince Is Mean-Spirited:

Unfortunately, yes, at times. I’ve seen it. I carried out those orders from time to time. Of course, as you just discussed, I’ve experienced it. I remember the only time, the things I have a hard time forgiving are — ah, that’s not good — I have a hard time forgetting, is my children were very upset when the Dr. Heinie thing came about, because their Dad had been intensive care for several days prior to that, little touch and go thing here, and I had 13 inches of my intestines removed, and they kept cutting and cutting and cutting so they could find healthy tissue so I wouldn’t have to have the bag. And that hurt my feelings. And then, when Jan asked me a couple of times, ‘Why is he this way?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, honey.’ He had five stepfathers, I think it was, four or five. He’s had a rough upbringing, believe it or not. He’s estranged from his own father, he’s been raised differently. There are stories there that are just hard to believe.

On If There’s A Fraternity Atmosphere In WWE:

Any culture that is fostered in WWE, any mindset, any atmosphere, is gonna have Vince’s influence all over it, either directly or indirectly. Either he came up with it, or he saw something that he wants to continue to perpetuate, or he just believes he’s gotta shake the ship up a little bit and go from there. Just reshuffling the deck — how many times have they reshuffled their deck? It’s irrelevant.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Grilling JR. H/T 411Mania.

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