Jim Ross On The Success Of "All In" & Rumors Surrounding "All In 2"

Jim Ross On The Success Of “All In” & Rumors Surrounding “All In 2”

Jim Ross

On the most recent episode of “The Ross Report”, JR discussed the success of the first “All In” show, as well as the rumors of “All In 2” taking place in 2019. Here are the highlights:

JR On Why He Feels “All IN” Was Such A Success:

They created that event like it was a cause. It was a cause that all wrestling fans, to some degree, could relate to. So the cause caused emotional investment and there’s your money. And so, whether it is a cause, an emotional investment in a thing, a person, a match … They created a cause and everybody got on their bandwagon to support the cause. It’s like a very positive political party. None of this ‘this side of the aisle, that side of the aisle’ bulls–t. It was really, really good and I was proud of those cats.

On Rumors Of “All In 2” Taking Place In 2019:

I know that the rumor on the boat is they’re going to do another one in May. Rumor and innuendo, but that’s about right, about one a year. The old wrestling promoter would say, ‘well, I can do two a year.’ Oh yeah, then it’s, ‘let’s do one monthly.’ Do you know what I mean? Nothing is ever enough in that respect.

You can check out the most recent episode of The Ross Report by clicking HERE

Credit: The Ross Report


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