Jim Ross On Vince McMahon's Musical Preferences

Jim Ross On Vince McMahon’s Musical Preferences

On the latest episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross discussed Vince McMahon’s peculiar musical interests. Here are the highlights:

On Vince Loving the “Na Na Na Na” Song:

Yeah, that was Steam, right? The band called Steam sang the song? “Hey Hey, Goodbye?’ We played that a lot. I think I got it played for me a couple of times walking out of there. [laughs] I didn’t realize he had — he’s got a lot of unique peculiarities in that respect. We all talk about the sneezing and all this other stuff. But that song, I hadn’t thought about that, that was a good point. He likes the song.

On Vince’s Love For Music:

If Vince McMahon had more than twenty-four hours a day available, and he could do it, he would make money doing music. He loves music as much as anybody I’ve ever been around that’s not in the music business. So I can see that happening very easy, I can see that affinity for that song and other songs.

On Vince Dancing To Music:

You oughta see Vince seat-dance in a car going ninety [mph], and a song comes on the radio. ‘Turn it up, JR!’ Okay, here we go. Turn it up. ‘Louder, louder!’ Then he sings, but the main thing [is] he’s dancing. And he’s doing that Elaine thing [from Seinfeld]. Vince McMahon doing the Elaine at ninety effing miles an hour on the interstate highway is one of the more unique experiences of my professional life, or my personal life. And then, when he sees that you’re getting uncomfortable, he’ll squeeze out one of those nice, high-protein farts and lock all the windows, so you’re literally gagging. So now we’re driving too fast, we’re dancing to some really loud music, and now the odor is overwhelming. That’s a day in the life going from one town to the next on television. The damn show never ended! Which made it a hell of a lot of fun, quite frankly, more often than not.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: Grilling JR. H/T 411Mania.com


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