Jim Ross On Whether The WWE Tried To Bring Brock Lesnar Back After His NFL Tryout

Jim Ross On Whether The WWE Tried To Bring Brock Lesnar Back After His NFL Tryout

On the latest episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross discussed Brock Lesnar leaving the WWE for a tryout with the NFL. Ross cited burnout as the major cause and discussed whether the WWE tried to bring him back after his NFL tryout didn’t lead to a contract. Here are the highlights:

On If The WWE Tried To Bring Lesnar Back After His NFL Tryout:

Well you know Conrad, when guys lose their passion for a certain thing that’s so demanding, emotionally, physically as pro wrestling is, or the NFL is or whatever. When the flame flickers, and you start getting bored — because let’s remember. Brock was not like you and I. He was not like many of the fans that are listening here today. He was not a lifelong — he wasn’t a lifer with pro wrestling. He got into pro wrestling because [of] the money. Simple. We could have had Brock Lesnar a year earlier if we had not kept our word to Shea Robinson, a wrestling coach at University of Minnesota, that Brock would come back and wrestle his senior year, hopefully win a national title. It would be more money to him, and I told him I would pay him more money if he won the national title. One of our best broken NCAA rules.

On Why Lesnar Left:

He was burned out. He didn’t have a strong flame to start with. Again, his flame was concerning strictly the money. And he got bored with it. He got bored with the road, he got bored with all the travel. So he tried out for the Vikings. Look, I believe he made it to the last cut. And for a guy who hadn’t played football since 2A football — Class 2A in South Dakota. I find that nothing short of extraordinary.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Grilling JR. H/T 411Mania.


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