Jim Ross Responds To Fans Being Critical Of His Use Of Jungle Boy’s Full Name

During the most recent episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross took the fans to task for being critical of him referring to Jungle Boy as “Jungle Boy Jack Perry” while on commentary. Here are the highlights:

On Being Aggravated By The Fans Criticism:

I did, I succumbed to it and he said, ‘JR, it’s time to hang up your black hat.’ It shows you how misguided some fans are. They say they love wrestling, but those of us who have dedicated our lives to the business get no breaks and a lot of this is over—I’m a big fan of Jungle Boy—big time. I think he’s gonna be a big star for us,” Ross said, “he’s a great kid, very athletic and I’ve been calling him Jungle Boy Jack Perry since day one. That’s like I call Steve Austin ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ or The Rock ‘The Brahma Bull,’ ‘The Great One,’ whatever. They’re just nicknames that come to my head and sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t, but for God’s sake, Conrad, is it a peaceful offense to say ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry?

So for you attention-starved little bastards out there that knock my work, have at it. I don’t care. All I’m gonna do is the best job I can, and quite frankly, and I know this is going to sound very poor of me, I think our three-man team is evolving into one of the better teams in the business, period, but I’m biased.

On Fans Being Misinformed & Why He Calls Jungleboy By His Full Name:

Everybody’s a booker, man. Everybody’s a creative genius, everybody’s a booker. They got enough knowledge to be dangerous and this is a very sensitive time in our business for all the information flow on social media gives people the right, in their view, to profess to be somewhat experts. You’re not! You’re a fan! So, differentiate the two things. You’re not an expert, I’m an expert. You’re not an expert, Conrad’s an expert. I’m trying to give ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack even more personality, he’s gonna be a player, man. What is he gonna do when he’s 35? Is he still gonna be ‘Jungle Boy’ or ‘Jungle Man?’ Or ‘Jungle Boy Jack?’ I don’t know what he’s gonna be, but right now in my mind’s eye, I’m giving you all I can because I wanted to get him over and that’s what we did Wednesday night. Our goal is to create new stars and to get these guys over.

Credit; Grilling JR. H/T Wrestlezone.


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