Jimmy Havoc On Being A Part Of AEW & More

Jimmy Havoc On Being A Part Of AEW & More

Jimmy Havoc was recently interviewed by Wrestlezone. During the interview, he discussed his excitement level for being a part of AEW and more. Here are the highlights:

On AEW Moving To TNT:

Yeah, it’s pretty fuckin’ cool, man. I moved to America, I get to live the dream I’ve wanted to ever since I was a kid. If it all ended tomorrow I’d be happy. That sounds more depressed than it is. I don’t mean that I’d be happy if ended tomorrow, I mean if it all ended tomorrow I’d have no regrets.

On His Bunkhouse Brawl Against Mance Warner In MLW:That’s pretty cool. The thing I like about MLW is that they’re bring back all these old match types. So I get to get my blue jeans on. Obviously I don’t wear blue jeans so I’ll have to buy a pair of blue jeans.

You can check out the interview HERE.

Credit: Wrestlezone.


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