Joey Janela Talks AEW Contract, Continuing To Work For GCW

Indie star Joey Janela recently interviewed with Fightful to talk about his new contract with All Elite Wrestling, and how much he enjoys working for GCW, where Janela held a two night sold-out event during WrestleMania week entitled, Spring Break. Janela does reveal that he will continue to work for GCW, which is a big reason why he doesn’t have WWE in his sights just yet. Highlights are below.

Signing with AEW:

I think the contracts officially start May 1st. That’s when things roll through, but we already got handled a little bit money-wise, so things are looking great. I’m already getting paid. Dealing with that is cool. Getting my first paycheck after 14 years of busting my ass. Never received a paycheck from Wrestling, just from jobs that have kept me afloat until I got to this point.

His love for GCW, and his continued work with the promotion:

It was a big part. That’s why I didn’t want to sign with WWE yet. I’m having too much fun. These guys are going to give me the opportunity to keep doing what I’m doing right now. What I’m going to be doing is going to play out over this three-year deal with them. It’s very special that I get a chance to stick around see talent develop. With my shows and the Game Changer brand getting more involved with the non Janela shows — I want to make sure we can help develop talent for the future. PCO (wrestled) at Madison Square Garden. Jungle Boy signed with AEW. I’m sure when Marko Stunt comes back he’ll have great success.



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