Joey Ryan On How His Injury Last Year Was A Blessing In Disguise

Joey Ryan was recently interviewed by Fightful. During the interview, he discussed how his injury last year led to better things for him. Here are the highlights:

On Still Needing To Make His Booked Dates Despite Injury:

I had torn tendons in my chest, microtears. The doctor recommended surgery and I scheduled an appointment with a surgeon. I had international bookings, and they already bought my flights and couldn’t get reimbursed for that flight. Part of the booking was for meet and greets. I can still sign autographs, I can still meet the fans, so they asked me to still come out. I was able to come up with ideas like thumb wrestling wars and staring contests to still get in the ring and do something for the live crowd.

On Making More Headlines By Having To Adapt:

That definitely helped. Any time you bring attention to yourself, you bring attention to who you’re working for. That helps when you’re trying to book yourself out. Some of these places that saw that stuff going on still wanted me to come out to where I was booked, or wanted me to host the events, do signings, run ins, thumb wrestling or staring contest bits. Promoters love attention because that’s going to draw fans in.

Credit: Fightful

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