Joey Ryan On Lucha Underground: "If There Was Work I'd Stay There Forever."

Joey Ryan On Lucha Underground: “If There Was Work I’d Stay There Forever.”

On the recent IMPACT media call, indie star Joey Ryan was asked to give his thoughts on Lucha Underground following a lawsuit that saw him, Ivelisse, and several other wrestlers finally break free from their LU contracts. Ryan states that he had a really good time working for the promotion, but there wasn’t work being done on keeping the show on the air.

I loved the product and loved the crew and the producers and writers. I would work there forever, if there was work. The problem is that there is not work. There’s really no point to being locked into it when it doesn’t even look like anyone’s working on season five and I don’t know if season five will even happen.

Ryan then talks about if he had any regrets working with LU.

I don’t regret it and it gave me some fun segments like the undercover police thing and different kinds of creative juices were flowing for me. I got a lot out of it and I loved the product, crew and cast. If there was work I would stay there forever.

(H/T Wrestling Inc.)


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