Joey Ryan On Why Equality In Wrestling Is Important

Joey Ryan was recently interviewed by “Vulture Hound”. During the interview, he discussed why equality in wrestling is so important. Here are the highlights:

On Why Equality In Wrestling Is Important:

I mean it’s definitely something I’ve lived by my whole life, whether it’s in wrestling or in any other part of the world. Not only in inter-gender but sexuality or race, I try to treat everyone as equals and I try to promote everyone as equals. The more I got into wrestling, I noticed a lot of the promotions didn’t treat female wrestlers equally and a lot of them got misused or mishandled. Especially seeing it with Candice [LeRae], seeing her struggles, it really opened my eyes on stuff that needed to be said in wrestling.

On Bar Wrestling:

In the industry, the more is the better. With Bar Wrestling, I wanted to create an environment where you don’t have to necessarily come to every show and you don’t have to follow the storylines. You can just come, relax and have a good time. The show starts, it ends and usually there’s no carry over to the next one. That was important to me because I do a lot of shows where there are a lot of storylines and a lot of characters. In the indies, there’s no TV, you can’t follow it, you can’t watch or DVR it. So I just wanted to create a show where the show begins and ends that same night.

You can read the full interview HERE

Credit: Vulture Hound.


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