Joey Ryan Releases “Farewell To The Indies” T-Shirt, Teases That He’s Been Signed

Indie sensation Joey Ryan released a statement on Twitter earlier in the day stating that his time on the independent wrestling circuit is coming to an end. Ryan expressed this through his new “Farewell To The Indies” t-shirt, before teasing on whether or not he has signed with a company. Rumors had been circulating that the WWE wanted to sign Ryan to NXT developmental, but Ryan denied the offer due to the cut in pay he would have to take. We reported that Ryan is most likely headed to AEW, where he already has a personal relationship with members of the Elite.

I guess the word is out now. Am I signing somewhere? Have I already signed elsewhere? One thing is certain; my time on the indies is coming to an end so pick up this “Farewell” tour shirt at for a limited time only! Get em before I’m gone!

Check out Ryan’s tweet below.


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