Joey Ryan Responds To Santino Marella’s Intergender Wrestling Comments

An interview with former WWE star Santino Marella was released earlier in the day, where Marella had some controversial comments regarding intergender wrestling, and how it can give women a false sense of empowerment, or even put them in danger. Indie wrestling star Joey Ryan took to Twitter just a few hours later to disagree with Marella’s statement, expressing that the point Marella makes directs unjust blame to women everywhere.

Saying if a woman didn’t want to get punched then she shouldn’t have stood up for herself is the equivalent of saying if a woman didn’t want to get raped then she shouldn’t have worn that dress. Put the blame on her. Cool side to be on.

See Ryan’s Tweet below.

Marella also made comments on how transgender women shouldn’t be allowed to compete in combat sports with other women due to their physical biological advantages.

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