John Cena’s Wrestlemania 35 Match Being Kept Quiet, Whether Lars Sullivan Will Be Involved

Dave Meltzer discussed John Cena’s Wrestlemania 35 match on the most recent “Wrestling Observer Radio”. Meltzer mentioned that his match is being kept quiet, even from the people usually in the know:

The Cena match is being kept secret. I mean even people who know everything don’t know that one. I mean people internal, internal do know, but I don’t know who it is. It’s not Kurt, for sure. He’s got nothing to do with the Kurt match. Kurt is wrestling Baron Corbin, unless there’s another guy who’s coming in that we don’t know that’s what it’s gonna be.

Meltzer was then asked if Cena’s opponent could be Lars Sullivan. Meltzer responded by stating that he didn’t believe so, but wouldn’t be surprised if Cena beats someone and then Lars destroys him afterwards:

I don’t think they’re gonna do a match with Lars, but I wouldn’t be surprised if John Cena beats somebody and Lars shows up and destroys him. I mean, it’s possible. It may be a little early for Lars, but just the way Triple H talked when he was asked about Lars and other things I’ve heard. Lars, I’m thinking is coming back fairly soon. I don’t know that’s 100 percent, but it’s certainly leaning in that direction. I can say for sure it’s leaning that direction and Triple H kinda sorta hinted that, as well.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Radio


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