Johnny Gargano Issues Statement Regarding Injury: “I’m Heartbroken”

NXT superstar Johnny Gargano issued a statement on Twitter early this morning commenting on the recent news that he will not be medically cleared to compete at Takeover WarGames in Chicago. Gargano begins by expressing how proud he is of his fellow teammates on the yellow-and-black brand for their main roster invasion, but admits that it’s been difficult to watch from the sidelines. He goes on to say that a silver lining was that he’d be able to work Takeover, although that is no longer the case. The former NXT champion writes, “Full honesty.. I’m really proud of our team but sitting back and watching the NXT crew represent on RAW and Smackdown from the sidelines has been hard. My silver lining was the hope I had that I’d be able to make it back for TakeOver.. but that’s not the case.I’m heartbroken.”

Gargano was last seen on NXT television a few weeks ago, where he was on the receiving end of a Finn Balor attack that had the crowd in Full Sail silent from shock.


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