Johnny Impact On Don Callis, Never Winning The WWE Title

Johnny Impact was recently interviewed by Wrestlezone. During the interview, he talked about how much he enjoys having Don Callis call his matches, and why he believes that never winning the WWE Title ended up being a blessing in disguise. Here are the highlights:

On The Benefits Of Having Don Callis Call His Matches:

Don has got a great mind for the business, and hearing him say that about me—I’ve heard similar things that he said about me—it means a lot. He really has a very specific view of the business, a very comprehensive view of the business. He’s got an old school mentality, but because he’s part of the active creative team at IMPACT, his old school psychology is not outdated. It’s constantly being updated because he’s dealing with current talent and a lot of what he said was true.

On Not Winning The WWE Title:

I thought I should have won the title a long time ago, and I’ve won plenty of titles, just never the WWE World Championship, but ultimately, maybe it was for the best. Sometimes when you get what you want your motivation is lessened, and I guess that never happened to me because I hadn’t had that [opportunity] yet. I stayed hungry for so long that when I got to IMPACT I was still hungry before I got here, I was still working on leveling up my physical abilities, my psychology. It felt really good to win the IMPACT World Championship and it also feels good to have Don in my corner and to have a good working relationship with him. It’s meant a lot.

You can check out the interview HERE

Credit: Wrestlezone.

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