Johnny Impact Responds To Austin Aries Twitter Insults

On the most recent episode of the WINCLY podcast, former Lucha Underground champion Johnny Impact spoke with host Nick Hausman about the comments that his Bound For Glory opponent, Austin Aries, made on Twitter. After a heated exchange online in preparation for their IMPACT title match, Johnny made a remark about Aries’ height, while Aries responding by tweeting out that Taya (Johnny’s Wife) was husky. The tweets from both parties would later be deleted. Now the #1 contender speaks out on the champ’s comments, and he is not happy.

He framed everything as a hypothetical, but really that was just a mechanism to give himself a way out after insulting my wife.The fact that he didn’t have any remorse is funny to me, this whole situation is funny to me. I feel so many emotions. I feel furious at times and sometimes I laugh because the Impact World Champion is tweeting about my wife. Really? What the hell? He couldn’t say that to my face?

Taya is someone that has battled eating disorders. Taya is someone that has trained every day and works really hard. She’s had a medical problem that she figured out and is now on top of the situation. Him saying that is something that was unwarranted. If he was looking for a way to win by making me angry, he did it. He figured out a way to make me so pissed off that I want to punch him in the face.

Johnny would later be asked if he addressed the issue with the IMPACT management team.

No, that’s not how wrestlers deal with a problem like this. No, absolutely not,” Johnny vehemently said. “We both got calls from Impact management about the tone and language in our posts. This isn’t something I would bring up with management. This is something I would bring up directly with Austin Aries.

Bound for Glory takes place this Sunday, with Aries and Impact in the main event for the heavyweight championship.

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