Johnny Gargano Recalls A Humerous Vince McMahon Story

Johnny Gargano took part in a recent episode of “Table for 3”. During the show, he recalled a funny Vince McMahon story from when Gargano was 19 years old:

After I had already appeared once on WWE television, I woke up one day to my mother telling me that the WWE had called and was looking for someone to appear on Smackdown. I show up to the Quicken Loans Arena, and I am 19, and have no idea what to do. I tried to enter the arena through the front door.

Once I finally got inside, I was taken to the wardobe department, which confused me even further. I’m like, wardrobe? I brought my own gear…they brought this kind of elf looking outfit, and they put it on me, and now we’re going to Vince’s office. And I swear it was like a movie, he was kind of reading a newspaper, and the newspaper comes down, and it’s just Vince McMahon, and he goes ‘…he looks great! Thanks for doing this.’

I was sent out to wrestle as Cedrick von Haussen, the champion of Liechtenstein. Of course, my debut was less than glorious, as I was beaten quickly by MVP. After heading backstage, Iwas thanked once again by Vince, and my job was done.

Credit: WWE.

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