Jon Moxley Cuts G1 Promo, Gets Physical with Reporters After NJPW Win (Video)

Jon Moxley Cuts G1 Promo, Gets Physical with Reporters After NJPW Win (Video)

New Japan Pro Wrestling just posted this clip of IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley roughing up a reporter backstage at the Hiroshima Sun Plaza in Hiroshima, Japan this week. The video was shot following Moxley’s submission win over Shingo Takagi at Wednesday’s G1 Climax tournament event, which was the fourth night of B Block. Moxley is currently ranked at the top of the B Block with 8 points. The tournament will wrap on Monday, August 12.

“Look, I know I’m new to New Japan Pro Wrestling but please, can we get some air conditioning in some of these buildings? Jesus, it’s like a sauna out there. I’m cooking. I’m cooking in this tournament too,” Moxley said before grabbing two of the reporters and roughing them up a bit, asking them who they think will win the tournament.

“Do you believe me yet? Do you believe me yet? You having fun eating your words yet? People all over the world, do you like the taste of that, huh? How’s it taste? You think it’s a joke, you think I’m not serious? Believe it. I know it’s hard for some of you to believe, but Jon Moxley is going to win the G1. I don’t stand back, I don’t let anybody take first place. I take first place from here on out. It belongs to me. OK, let’s be real. Let’s be real here. Shingo Takagi is not a junior heavyweight. Shingo Takagi is far from junior heavyweight, the man is a friggin’ tank. Nearly took my head off. I want to see the results of his weigh-in. I’m glad he’s in the heavyweight division where he belongs, he’s a friggin’ tank. He’s like a rhinoceros. If he’s a cruiserweight, I’m one of the Doobie Brothers. I just wanted to make that known,” Moxley said.

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