Jordan Myles Talks Jay Lethal, WWE Racism & His Contract, NJPW/AEW, Kofi, Depression, and more

NXT star Jordan Myles released a live Q&A on his Twitter earlier today. Here are some of the things he discussed:

-Says he’d rather go to NJPW over AEW because he feels like he has a lot more to accomplish in Japan. Has no problems with AEW.

-Calls WWE racist due to the ongoing T-shirt incident, and points out the company’s past issues with black superstars, although he doesn’t reveal too many details on either front.

-He admits that the debacle with the T-shirt brought up things from his past, which is why he got so angry. Doesn’t apologize. Says that a lot of his Twitter outbursts were driven due to his emotional state, but won’t take back anything he said because he meant it.

-Someone asks about his WWE contract. Myles claims that he has mentally moved on from the company, but legally he is not cleared to move on.

-Recalls Kofi Kingston winning the WWE championship and said the moment gave him goosebumps. Calls it one of his favorite.

-Reveals that he does suffer from depression and anxiety. Has bad mood swings.

-Claims that there is a huge story behind his comments on Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal, but doesn’t want to throw any more salt on the wound at this time.

Check it out below.

We cropped out a section of the video where a user asks ACH why he called Jay Lethal an Uncle Tom and if there was a story behind it. See his response here:


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