Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport” Results

Below are results from Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport event, streaming live on the FITE TV app as apart of the GCW collective.

  1. Dominic Garrini defeated Phil Baroni. Initially Baroni won by knockout, but the referee reversed the decision.
  2. J.R. Kratos defeated Simon Grimm by knockout.
  3. Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Killer Kross by submission.
  4. Masashi Takeda defeated Jon Gresham via referee stoppage.
  5. Chris Dickinson defeated Andy Williams by submission.
  6. Frank Mir defeated Dan Severn by submission. After the match Mir gets on the mic, and says that he got into wrestling just so he can face Brock Lesnar.
  7. Hideki Suzuki defeated Timothy Thatcher by knockout.
  8. Minoru Suzuki versus Josh Barnett goes to a time-limit draw. The referee added five more minutes, but neither man was able to secure a victory.


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