Josh Matthews On Tenille Dashwood In IMPACT, His Replacement & More

Josh Matthews was recently interviewed by SportsKaeda. During the interview, he discussed his excitement over Tenille Dashwood coming to IMPACT, his eventual replacement and what it is like to call his wife Madison Rayne’s matches. Here are the highlights:

On Tenille Dashwood Coming To IMPACT:

I think it’s a great signing for Impact. Tenille brings a huge resume, a great past, she’s Australian born but spent some years in WWE, went to Ring of Honor and now she’s come to Impact Wrestling and the reaction has been amazing. She’s going to be a big part of Impact. Mexico will be her first show, she’ll be in Vegas too. She joins a roster of Knockouts that are absolutely incredible. If you look at everyone on there and what they’ve accomplished, it’s incredible. We’ve got the current champion Taya Valkyrie, who’s been champion for quite some time, Jordynne Grace, Kiera Hogan is starting to come into her own, in Madison Rayne you’ve got the resume of a five-time Knockouts Champion, so when you look at the Knockouts and what they’ve done – Su Yung, Rosemary – and when you look at what they’ve done, it’s just a very well-rounded group of athletes, and Tenille coming in, it’s just great!

On His Eventual Replacement:

I’ve never really thought about it. No-one’s ever asked me who I thought should replace me from a play-by-play standpoint. I do think we need to build a depth of commentators and things like that. I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing people in my career from a color commentary standpoint, but I love working with Don Callis on Impact and Xplosion every week, but we also do some revolving chair stuff on there. Color commentary, I think a lot of wrestlers could step up and do a good job. Play-by-play, you need a lot of reps. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I still haven’t figured out!

On If He Struggles To Call His Wife’s Matches:

It’s difficult. I like the way we do it where Josh Mathews – the announcer – isn’t married to the Impact Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne because it would be difficult for a husband to watch his wife in a match being physically hurt and just talk about it, so I don’t think you can go down that road from a play-by-play, straight, trusted voice perspective. I always text her right after to make sure she’s okay and healthy, and liked what she did, then I can take a quick breath of relief.


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